nova mreža Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies (CENSE)

Udruga Siva zona je jedna od osnivačkih članova mreže Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies (CENSE) činom potpisivanja Suglasja (Accord) 1. 12. 2018. u Budimpešti.


The Accord

The Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies (CENSE) brings together organizations and individuals who focus on the importance of sound in the context of environmental concerns, socio-cultural development and contemporary art practices.

By means of education, research, art and activism, CENSE seeks to increase public sensitivity and awareness of listening towards a more conscious society, which is concerned about the implications of rapidly changing soundscapes.

CENSE includes artists, researchers, scholars, cultural actors, interested individuals, and organizations from broader Europe. The founding members are based in Budapest (HU), Zidlochovice (CZ), Prague (CZ), Nitra (SK), Ljubljana (SLO), Maribor (SLO), Zagreb (CRO), Rijeka (CRO), Korčula (CRO), Beograd (SRB), Pécs (HU), Cluj (RO), Bucharest (RO), Wroclaw (PL), Warsaw (PL), Krakow (PL), Torun (PL), Paris (FR), Ústí nad Labem (CZ), Copenhagen (DK).

CENSE is open to new members who share the same concerns.

CENSE strives to highlight the importance of mutually shared resources, sustainability and a more balanced coexistence among human and non-human agents. Raising awareness about sonic ecologies is a crucial step in the formulating of better solutions for the development of contemporary societies.

CENSE fosters interdisciplinary and cross-border collaboration. It does so by means of events, including annual meetings in various locations, artistic productions and interventions, publications, as well as educational and research activities.

CENSE Conference

Budapest, Hungary

1 December 2018